You don’t need to look any further if you’re searching for a cell phone which senior citizens  or those with poor eyesight can use – it’s here and its called the Jitterbug  and it fulfils the need perfectly. It’s a brilliant piece of kit which any senior will be able to pick up and use within seconds it’s so easy. If you also add in that it’s made by Samsung, one of the world’s leading technology manufacturers, you can be sure of its quality.
The Jitterbug cellphone is really a basic handset without all of the extras that so many younger people seem to need – it doesn’t have things such as internet access, videos, games, ring tones etc. Most of the major networks are fine with the Jitterbug and have service plans which are designed for the senior citizen where low usage is normal and the calls are relatively inexpensive – great for keeping in touch with family and friends and for having peace of mind.
These days most older people are put off by the complexity the newer cellphones and this is where Jitterbug comes into its own. The Jitterbug has two features that hardly any other cellphones have in that it has a dial tone to let you know when its ready and it’s quite sizeable and has  generous sized buttons which are so comfortable  for shaking hands to use.
The Jitterbug also has an earpiece and a speaker which can be increased in volume if the user has problems with their hearing. Another useful feature is that the Jitterbug has a screen with high contrast, large text which makes it so much easier to read This cell phone was designed to fit the specific needs of the senior citizen.
For really great peace of mind,  Jitterbug also has a live operator service which is there for you twenty four hours a day. This service means you can get directory assistance and  they can also make your calls for you.
If you are elderly or infirm or you know someone who is, the Jitterbug cellphone is just the best cell phone there is. Samsung’s reputation for quality and the care they have taken in the design of the Jitterbug shows. The Jitterbug was thoroughly tested for and by the users so you can be confident that it will do the job it’s asked to do. Also having proper support means that in the unlikely event of not being able to do what you need to do you can always get help easily
There ‘s no need to look further for the ideal cellphone for yourself or those close to you – The Jitterbug is perfect and it’s here! – to see a demonstration take a look at the video link above !